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Evidential Mediumship

photo_1643_20070520When I do medium readings, it is called evidential mediumship because the information given would be evidence that your loved one or friend has come to give a message. The spirits will give me information that will make sense to the person receiving the reading, so they know who it is.

This is some of the most common information given to me from spirits during a reading:

  • Names (Theirs, yours, or someone else in the family or circle of friends)
  • Dates-Could be birthdays, anniversary, passing date
  • Age(s)
  • How they passed over
  • How they are connected to you

When receiving the information, it can come in bits and pieces at times. Dates, names, etc.. aren’t always related directly to the spirit, and can relate to you or someone the spirit knew when they were alive. These are given as a form of validation for you, so please try to remain open when receiving your reading, otherwise you might not remember or recognize who the spirit is that’s trying to reach you.

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